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Scanned Photos from Austin and Mary Lou's Home  (right click to download large slideshow)

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1.  Jeremiah Austin Capps      2.  Zachary Austin Capps             3.  Joel Capps

4.  Olivia Grace Capps            5.  Almeda Elizabeth Beldyga       6.  Hunter Capps

7.  Charity Capps                    8.  Austin Joseph Beldyga            9.  Chesna Michelle Capps     

10.  Jacob Self                      11.  Kathryn Self              12. Abrianna Beldyga

13.  Addison Capps     14. Ava Joy Beldyga

Billy Roy and Betty's Page

Other Family Photos:

****************PHOTOS OF EVENTS****************

Mann's visit to Gurdon, Dobyville, and Camp Meeting grounds.

Hunter's trip to Oshkosh 08

Mary and Olivia's Orlando Trip April 08

Bowling with the Kids Nov07

Thanksgiving at Julia and Cory's 07

Chesna's Birthday Nov07

Thanksgiving at Conway 2006

New Grandbaby (Abrianna Love Beldyga) 31 Jul 06


Christmas at Jon's House in Centerton (25 Dec 04)

Jon and Jennifer's Wedding (4 Dec 04)

Tribute to Frances Sammons

Christmas 2003 in Arkansas

Big Daddy's 90th Birthday Party

Tab and Donna's Wedding (1 Nov 03)

Frances Sammon's 91st Birthday


Adventures with Grandchildren



Visit by Jeremiah, Joel, and Sunday, their friend from Indiana

Austin and Mary Lou Capps (Jim's parents) shown here at the Santa Barbara Mission, California

Our beloved dog, Aimee.  She is 10 years old in this picture and was given to us by Julia.  Thank you Julia!  She has been a real joy to us.

PS  She died at 14 years of age.

Zachary on the beach in Florida

Billy Roy and Betty Capps (Jim's brother and sister-in-law)  They were missionaries to Honduras

Email Billy and Betty

Golden Corral!  What can I say?

Bobby Wells (Cousin - son of Bill and Becky Wells - Brother of Billy Wells)

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